Hunan start university robot design contest set million in prize money (video) 高达08ms小队

Hunan start university robot design contest set million bonus original title: Hunan start university robot design contest million yuan prize waiting for you to get 29 reporter learned from the Hunan province robot industry association, competition design guided by the provincial science and Technology Department of Hunan Province in 2016 (hereinafter referred to as "college students Robot Contest") will be opened on at the beginning of October. In the major college students through the game’s official website () or "Hui Long shares" WeChat public registration number, and from the release of the optional assistant robot, robot, welcome home service robot, desktop robot, a robot in the supermarket design competition, participating students please submit personal original works before November 28th. Design Contest preliminaries and finals in two stages, one or two, third-prize and outstanding design award 30, bonuses totaling 36000 yuan, of which 1 first prize, a bonus of 10000 yuan; two prize 2, bonus 6000 yuan per person; third-prize 3, bonus 3000 yuan per person. In November 28th, the deadline for the end of the first round (announced the finalists), December 28th finals and awards ceremony at the scene. (Changsha evening news reporter Li Qi correspondent Luo Fang) video recommendation: Belgian college students invented scorpion robot can sting people

湖南启动大学生机器人外观设计大赛 设万元奖金原标题:湖南启动大学生机器人外观设计大赛 万元奖金等你来拿 记者29日从湖南省机器人产业协会获悉,由省科技厅指导的2016年湖南省大学生机器人外观设计大赛(简称“大赛”)将于10月初拉开帷幕。省内各大高校在校学生可通过比赛官网()或“晖龙股份”微信公众号 报名, 并从发布的迎宾机器人、助理机器人、家庭服务机器人、桌面机器人、超市机器人中任选一款进行设计参赛,参赛学生请于 11月28日前提交个人原创作品。 大赛设初赛和决赛二个阶段,一、二、三等奖和优秀设计奖30名,奖金共计36000元,其中一等奖1名,奖金10000元;二等奖2名,奖金每人6000元;三等奖3名,奖金每人3000元。11月28日截止报名、初赛结束(公布入围名单),12月28日进行现场决赛暨颁奖典礼。(长沙晚报 记者 李琪 通讯员 罗芳)视频推荐: 比利时大学生发明蝎子机器人 能“蜇”人相关的主题文章: