The crazy scenery on the Internet is really in our Sichuan (map)

The crazy scenery on the Internet is really in our Sichuan (map), this is crazy in the circle of friends that map, is not very false?! Recently, a picture of the mad in the circle of friends, pictures as a stand in the valleys of the tree leaves, the leaves of red powder, bright blue, the picture with the text is: the most colourful tree leaves in Heishui county. Pictures in the network exposure, netizens have questioned: picture P too! Master, you still have some common sense. May the leaves be pink? Look, it’s synthetic. It’s fake! Another netizen says, "this is a custom made plastic tree in Yiwu."! In order to prove the authenticity of this "abnormal" picture, Dacheng tourism was connected to the relevant departments of Blackwater County, and the authenticity of the photos was determined. After confirmation, the staff told us that the photo shoot is really in the Blackwater, the specific location is in the milk ditch dam village, the red leaves of the tree itself is very red in the sun is red, just out of the photos circulated on the Internet does color difference is too big, a little too late. Then, the staff deliberately gave us the actual picture without PS. See the moment of the picture, still amazed, and indeed it is so beautiful. The following pictures without any treatment leaves really so red..! This scene really exists, just in the black water of Western sichuan. Red leaves in the sun, so gorgeous. Another angle to see this fantasy tree, red leaves, autumn has been concentrated. Was it shocked? This fantasy scene is real, and it’s around us. It is understood that this scene is located in Sichuan ABA (micro-blog) Blackwater County Blackwater ditch, the ditch is originally an excellent place to see the color forest, but also at this time is the most beautiful ditch color forest, interested friends can make a plan. In the ditch beside the iceberg is milk Dagu ornamental good place leaves, here to watch the color forest can also see the glacier, the world’s highest take the cableway cableway, and Tibetan macaque, alpine lakes, Tibetan village, is the first choice for the tour of the red color of the forest. Travel routes: Chengdu – Wenchuan (micro-blog) – Maoxian – Blackwater – Dagu – ditch tickets: no milk iceberg

网上疯传的奇幻景色 居然真的在我们四川(图)这就是在朋友圈疯传的那张图,是不是很假!最近,一张照片在朋友圈疯传,图片为一颗屹立在山谷间的红叶树,其叶片红得发粉、耀眼得发紫,图片的配文是:川西黑水县最艳的红叶树。图片在网络曝光后,网友纷纷发出质疑:图片P过了吧!师傅,麻烦你还是有点常识,咋可能叶子是粉色的?一看就是合成的,假的!还有网友说:这是在义乌定制的塑料树吧!为了证明这张“反常”图片的真实性,大成旅游联系到了黑水县相关部门,对照片真实性进行了确定。经过确认,工作人员告诉我们,照片的拍摄点确实是在黑水,具体位置是在奶子沟的河坝村,那颗红叶树的叶子本身就非常红,在阳光的照射就显得更红,只是网上流传出来的照片确实色差太大,后期有点过度了。随后,工作人员特意给到我们没有经过PS,比较实际的图片。看到图的那一瞬间,还是惊叹了,果然有这么美。以下图片没有经过任何处理…叶子真的这么红!这个场景真的存在着,就在川西的黑水。阳光下的红叶,如此绚烂。换个角度看看这颗奇幻的树红叶红,秋已浓。是不是被震撼到了,这样的奇幻景色居然是真的,而且就在我们身边。据了解,这处奇景位于四川阿坝州(微博)黑水县的奶子沟,奶子沟本来就是观赏彩林的绝佳去处,而且此时也正式奶子沟彩林最美的时候,有兴趣的朋友可以做个计划。在奶子沟旁边的达古冰山也是观赏红叶的好地方,这里观赏彩林还可以看到冰川,乘坐世界上索道上站最高的索道,并且还有藏酋猴、高山湖泊、藏寨等,也是川西赏红叶彩林的首选去处。出游线路:成都-汶川(微博)-茂县-黑水-达古冰山-奶子沟门票:无相关的主题文章: